Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)

Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)
Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)
FlowerBox Grab & Go Cream Vase
Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, FlowerBox Grab & Go Cream Vase
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)

Cream Grab & Go 8" FlowerBox Vases (Carton of 120)

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Water Resistant, folds flat!

Designed in Sweden for the European market, the Grab & Go Vase is the perfect solution for your cash and carry floral business. Just think of them as gift bags for flowers!

The Grab & Go vase is a made out of a recyclable carton with a plastic liner that holds water for at least three weeks. The Grab & Go's outer surface is water-repellent and very durable in humid environments - either outdoors or in your cooler.

From the vulnerable moment flowers are cut, they immediately go into the paper flower vase and are ready for your customer – to Grab & Go! This ensures easy transport for your customer, and the longest possible life. They make great gifts, and the receiver never has to rearrange or find a vase. And once they're all done, simply recycle the vase! No more adding to an endless pile of cheap glass flower vases!

The design-protected Grab & Go vase greatly increases the lifespan of both flowers and – equally important – the exposure time of your brand logo. Simply customize the box with your logo, seasonal stickers, celebration stickers or with our adhesive ribbons to create a custom box especially for your customers! In addition, the Grab & Go has been thoroughly tested by our European friends at Euroflorists™. So you know they stand up to the rigorous environment of the cash and carry florist market.

Anette Konar-Riple, Marketing Director at Euroflorist™ Group

The Grab & Go vase is great when you want to bring a stylish and modern flower gift. It works for any occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas or a dinner party, and you can just as easily bring it to a company or a hospital as to a private home. The paper flower vase is absolutely perfect for housewarming parties and other occasions where there is a shortage of flower vases. And when you send flowers, the Grab & Go paper flower vase makes the delivery even more special. In my experience, the Grab & Go concept sells itself when you display the flower vase filled with flowers in the shop.

Euroflorist™ is Europe’s leading flower- and gift delivery service provider with operations in 10 European countries. Every year, Euroflorist™ delivers millions of floral greetings, reception flowers, gifts and funeral wreaths through more than 10,000 directly affiliated flower shops.

Business Opportunities: Grab & Go!
The Grab & Go is a unique opportunity for you to build your cash and carry business. Either have pre-made designs ready to go, or sell the Grab & Go along with your cut flowers. We offer an option to have clear plastic hooks added to your vase so they can hang on retail display systems next to your flowers. Customers can choose their own flowers for the vase, or enlist your help. Either way, you get a great add-on sale and a customer who will come back for more! We can even help you build a retail display that will fit your store. Just call us!

Grab & Go – flowers in the flow

Convenience is a keyword for the Grab & Go gift bag. The floral design vase comes flat-packed and is assembled in less than a second: fill with water, add flowers and your customer is ready to Grab & Go.

Form follows function

Scandinavian design tradition and minimalism are the main sources of inspiration for the Grab & Go floral container from FlowerBox. All unnecessary forms and features are eliminated, creating a minimalistic approach that favors the main product – the flower bouquet. The floral packaging is discrete, and the classic colors are designed to fit regardless of the occasion, time of the year or the color combination of the flowers.

Ensure the longevity of your bouquet

From the moment the flowers are cut, they are very vulnerable. When they instantly enter the Grab & Go plant container, their lifespan will be greatly extended. The floral design vase by FlowerBox can hold water for three weeks, which increases the value of your main product – the living bouquet.

Recyclable materials
The Grab & Go floral packaging solution is created with Earth-friendly materials that are recyclable. Furthermore the plant container and its flat-pack floral packaging design minimize energy consumption during transportation.

Classic colors & minimalistic shapes

The Grab & Go Vase comes in three basic colors – Sage, cream and black. Every color is chosen to highlight the bouquet, regardless of season or the color combination of the bouquet. The minimalistic shape is designed for a discrete and stable embrace of the content, and holds and between 20 and 40 cut flowers.

MSRP $3.99 each
Case of 30, $1.95 each - $234.00