Red 8" FlowerBox Vase (Carton of 120)

FlowerBox 8in Tall Cardinal Red
Red 8" FlowerBox Vase (Carton of 120)
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Red 8" FlowerBox Vase (Carton of 120)

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An elegant choice for beauty and style.

The FlowerBox 8-inch Cardinal Red Vase brings a stately elegance to bouquet delivery.

The Bold Red tone draws out rich floral colors beautifully, and the vase be accented easily with sticky ribbons, monograms or sticky jewel ribbons. Because the weight of the water is low in the vase, it is very stable for simple and convenient delivery.

It features a waterproof outer shell with a built-in recyclable bag. The box ships flat and pops open instantly. It can be filled with water and floral foam for design work.

MSRP $3.99 each
Carton of 120, $1.95 each - $234.00