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I used the boxed to deliver bouquets for a wedding. They were perfect for what I needed. I am wowed by your company's customer service and seek to implement the same kind of service in my business.Rhonda took great care in the packaging of my order and promptness of my delivery.

S, Williams  Siesta Bouquets

We love the FlowerBoxes!  We specialize in weddings and event design and we use the boxes to hold and deliver the wedding bouquets.  Brides love it and so do the photographers!

H Willis  Perfect Princess Evetns

Love your company and Rhonda is the best!  I am a wedding florist, doing over 200 weddings a year.  I use them to deliver all the bouquets to brides in their hotel suites, who want glass vases waiting on their reception tables, so that we don’t put even more glass into the ground!  We love them.

A Mills  Bliss Extraordinary Floral

Love, love, love your product! As we planners move toward GREEN events this is exactly what is needed.  If keeps inbound freight costs to a minimum and no clean up after. 

K. Kapustein  SANMAR Corporate Events Administrator

Assembly of the boxes was easy and quick. Myself and my client were very impressed and pleased with your product. Attendees of the awards event could easily and safely take home the arrangements after the event was over. I received many complements. I think the Flower Box concept was perfect !

S. Buell  Floral Designer

We use flower boxes to store and transport bride's and bridesmaids bouquets, prom nosegays, etc.  Because flower boxes hold water, we can make these arrangements the day before the occasion and the are ready to deliver to be picked up.  The boxes are classy and add to the appearance of the flowers.

C. Dupre  Butterflies N Flowers Florist

The boxes are great.  I love how they pop open with the liner already place. I have been offering them to my bridal clients after their wedding since most items are rented. It has been a great addition that clients have loved the past two weekends. Looks like I will be ordering more! I appreciate the great customer service. 

M. Heard  Marti Thompson Floral Design

I just used the flowerboxes this weekend for a wedding. They were great! And looked so nice together....sturdy, upscale...perfect. And the nice thing is that I was not worried about hunting down vases afterwards. That was nice! I'm excited to finish off the rest of the wedding season using them!

F. Moss — Fuschia Moss Floral Design

You definitely can be proud of your customer service at FlowerBox, John was informative and helped me with my purchase. We received the 8” white boxes. We really like these, they have enabled us to make up bouquets earlier to take more business, keep them organized and separated in our cooler, and easily transport them the day of.  The brides and bridesmaids also LOVE having a “disposable vase” the day of that they can take home.  They ensure that our flowers will last longer and look great all day and for days after the event.

K. Gardipee — Zilli Hospitality Group

I use the 8” vase to handle wedding bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets.  I can transport the bouquets easier and keep them hydrated.  The wide base is great for no tipping. I like that you have choices in colors. Good job on the development, I wish I had thought of this product! I do about 25 weddings from June thru October.  I think the boxes will be a part of my presentation from now on.

Michelle — Marianmade Farm

I saw your ad in a recent publication of Florists' Review to which I subscribe.  Being responsible for multiple special events held at Southwest Tennessee Community College, I always look for new and innovative products to make these events memorable and pleasing to the eye.  Your Grab & Go FlowerBoxes were a hit at our recent Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon.  The sticky ribbon added a nice touch to the overall design of the centerpiece.  All centerpieces were given away and they looked great as our staff left the luncheon carrying them by the black satin ribbon handles.  I used a spring mix of floral including hydrangeas, freesia, mini roses, lily grass, peonies, etc.  John Brooks was excellent assisting me with my order.  We exchanged several e-mails and phone calls to ensure my order was correct.  He made great suggestions to assist me with my selections. Kudos to a great product!  

K. Bashada — Tennessee Community College

Well, I must tell you. I LOVED THE FlOWERBOXES. They are different and practical especially the ones with the bag included. I even LOVED the sticky ribbon. Wow,  why didn't I think of it. Lol. I'm so excited I want to order by the theme - Antiquities. Wow, just WONDERFUL!

P. Adkins — Graceful Flowers

I love your boxes! I am still a student with the Floral Design Institute.  I am planning to become a freelancer floral designer :-)  I plan to use your small cubes to adverstise my business.  I thought they were perfect for that!

I. Robinson —Dazzle Me Blooms

Love the grab and go bags! We used them for Valentine's Day bouquets and will be incorporating them into all of our weddings for the bridal bouquets.  I really want to get the vases and the cube vases in, as well as the sticky ribbon. I will be placing another order soon!

Mary J. —The Balloonery

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